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Every day! More in the news about toxins found in seemingly safe places!? There are toxins discovered in food, shampoo, laundry soap, and even in products for our furry family members!

I have worked in healthcare all my life. The goal in my work was to help people recover from illness and injury. 
Then I started learning about other ways to maintain and improve health, and to help the body prevent illness.
As I learned more, I became very passionate about whese new methods of approaching health. I would read all I could get my hands on, watch online seminars, and attend events that would further my knowledge.

I was learning ways to help the body to stay healthy and ways the body could work at healing itself!

Our family also became aware of serious health problems in our pets. Our dog, Willie developed a tumor on his spleen. Our other dog, Nikki,  started urinating and drinking water almost constantly. She was diagnosed with Diabetes, and became blind all too soon after that diagnosis. 

Near the same time, our daughter's dog Alex started having seizures. We started wondering what was causing all these problems.

We  became aware of all the toxins these babies were exposed to. Often products that seemed so safe could be suspect for causing problems in these sweet animals.  

And I started to learn that there really are alternatives that are safer for us, and for our animals. In learning more, I became passionate about helping other people and their pets.

That you are here, says that you are interested in a healthier, simpler lifestyle for you and your pets!

Start by getting our guide to 3 Ways to Guard against Ticks & Fleas Toxin-free! 

We can't wait to meet you and your fur baby!  Welcome! 
Gladys and Karissa Anderson, Mom and Daughter working together :)

Guard Against Ticks&Fleas Toxin-Free

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